Angelique Adams


How do you make a stronger connection to the energy, the wisdom, and the compassion of your Soul in order to honour your heart's calling, to realise more of your spiritual potential?

Learning to incorporate more Light into our lives, and helping people to do this for themselves is the most important reason for Intuitive Intelligence Tapping as practiced by Angelique.

Intuitive Intelligence Tapping is a gentle form of spiritual healing, helping us to increase the amount of Light we hold in our physical, mental, emotional selves, and throughout our entire being as we release the stresses that hold us back. Letting go of what we are not creates the space we need to become all that we might be.

Intuitive Intelligence Tapping can increase your awareness of yourself as an energy being, looking at your own amazing subtle anatomy, understanding more of how you work at an energetic level, and learning to create balance within this complex and powerful system. 

Accessing our amazing, creative and expansive Soul Wisdom allows us to become a clearer
channel for the Light - a gracious gift of healing. Becoming the Light is our reason for being.

We are all blessed with the gift of Light – it is what we are at the core of our being, it is our eternal nature. In working with Intuitive Intelligence Tapping we begin to re-integrate with the gracious wisdom of our Soul Light, enhancing all of the aspects of our lifetime on Planet Earth.

Intuitive Intelligence Tapping works with colour and light, visualisation and meditation, channeled guidance, one to one spiritual guidance, spiritual energy alignment and with tapping.

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Angelique is an inspirational and gentle guide who has assisted me to open the door to my own creative process with integrity, love and great respect. Each course I have attended has been presented with clarity, compassion and a deep insight. These courses have been challenging soul journeys that have delighted me in their depth, insight and wisdom"                                                                                                                                                                                             Carol Fuller, Artist                                                                    

Intuitive Intelligence Tapping was created by Angelique after many years studying, developing and teaching programs designed to assist people to recognize and open to the creative power and wisdom of their own soul light. 

Angelique offers individual spiritual guidance to people searching for a way to bring healing and tranquility to their world, to effect positive change and promote harmony, kindness and compassion with joy.

 Working with Angelique in a personal session can be a powerful way to create clarity with the freedom to move forward in your life.

“Angelique has guided and supported me on my spiritual journey. She is a gifted and gorgeous lady with a quirky sense of humour that somehow aids the essence of her workshops, healing sessions, meditations and channeling. Angelique is a pure channel and a talented facilitator. All the experiences I have had with her are a revelation and I thank the universe for her.”                                                                                                                                                    Meryl Dobe, Yoga Teacher
“I give my highest possible recommendation to anyone who is considering Lightwork Training. Recently my husband suffered kidney failure and the doctors said there was no more they could do for him. I used the Light as Angelique had taught me and to the amazement of the medical staff, he made a full recovery.”                                                                                 RF Business Manager