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In The Golden Light

Posted on 26 August, 2018 at 17:20

Immersing yourself in ‘The Light of All That Is’ brings real and true healing, timeless healing, past, present and future, body, mind and soul.

Here there is no separation, there never was and there never could be separation - all is Light. And in the Golden Light is everything you could ever need or imagine that you need.

Focus on the light, bright and beautiful aspects of you. Deep within you is a powerful, clear and strong energy. You can begin to connect with this part of you more and more by remembering to connect with the Golden Light.

Feel the Golden Light aligning your body with its’ own perfect blueprint.

Sense the rebalancing effect of Golden Light on your mind, calming, soothing and healing the many emotional scars you may have collected in your earthly journeys.

Observe your emotional body as it surrenders the angst and allows the Golden Light to soothe and ease and enlighten those dark places that hide away deep inside.

Visualise your needs and see them manifesting, know that it is done and feel gratitude that it is so. See, imagine, sense or feel that you are healed of any complaint within your body.

Do this simple process every day, even before you rise. Begin to experiment with the unlimited power of the Golden Light. You are limited only by the power of your own imagination. Become the Golden Light.

When you step into a car or bus or train or plane or boat, you are utilising the vehicle for your own purpose. You do not think that you are the vehicle. It is the same with your body – precious to you though it is – it is a vehicle created to take you where you need to be – currently as a time traveller on Planet Earth!

It is not you. It is not the essence of you. Your very essence is Light.

By merging with the Golden Light, you will begin to gently remember. By activating your fine mind, you will begin the conscious re-connection to all that you are, have always been and will always be.

You are the Golden Light, in all its beauty. When you begin using your mind for the process of identifying SELF as Golden Light, you will recognise your own potential to reach into brighter and clearer and more brilliant realities.

This is your place of true power, the power that creates according to your highest vibrational frequency – the very best of you.

Go to this part of you every day and begin to create the life you would love to live. Create from the highest mind, the clear and beautiful aspect of your mind – your mind of Golden Light.

Re-instate an everyday, automatic, ever present awareness that you are Golden Light Energy.



Glorious Colour

Posted on 24 November, 2015 at 14:20

Just imagine you are being surrounded by clouds of gentle colours. Soft and gentle, powerful and supportive radiant colours. Just relax now as you breathe deeply, drawing the colours deep, deep, deep into your entire being. Now feel as the colours do their healing work. Just relax and observe.

Notice how easily your body begins to relax, everywhere. Notice how your mind becomes spellbound by the beauty of the colours flowing around you and through you. You feel so loved, so supported and you know you lack for nothing, you know the angelic colours contain everything your body needs in perfect harmony and balance, you know you are being blessed by the angels of the colour rays. And it is so easy and you feel soooo good.

And there is a reason for this. The vibrational frequency of the rays is the same as the vibrational frequency of your own divine nature, the eternal aspect of you. It feels like coming home even at those times when you feel a long way from home!

And this gift is always there. You can connect with this remarkable healing energy anytime that you remember. The rays contain the energies of happiness, of pure joy, of gratitude for you being the amazing being you are, of healing light for the misperceptions of your mind that are causing imbalance in your body.

But… for my money the greatest gift the colour rays bring is the remembering that we are Light. That Light is our true nature at our sacred soul level of being – the eternal aspect of us, the forever and forever of us. The healthy and the beautiful us, the divine us. Immersing yourself in the gifts of colour is a free luxury you may enjoy every day of your life. Go ahead and try it.



What if????

Posted on 23 November, 2015 at 14:50

Light and unconditional love - the real building blocks of creation. It has taken me a lifetime to really begin to consider the untold power they contain. After all is done, all that will be left is light and unconditional love.

However the real gift for us is to know that this power is accessible all of the time. It seems ridiculous that we rarely recognise this simple truth. We are always running from fearful things, imagined or not. But what if we held our ground now, when fearful things seem to be gaining the upper hand, and we simply choose to radiate light and unconditional love? What if?

What if in this process of merging with the Light of Unconditional Love we discovered our real strengths? And we were able to stop running from fear based imaginings. Maybe, just maybe, we could stand tall and radiate the Light and the Love. And in so doing we become a lighthouse, spreading our joy, sending calm and compassion out into a world becoming increasingly paralysed by fear.

It is really simple, this act of remembering our own divine nature. You just turn your face to the light of all that is and you breathe in deeply. You breathe in the knowledge that you are the Light of All That Is. That through the expression of your life you radiate truth. And that truth is a simple truth. It is beauty, peace, calm, compassion and it is respect for the lovliness of all creation.

Imagine what this might do for your own health and well-being! Seeing yourself as a beautiful creation that was born to radiate that light of unconditional love for all to see. And then imagine the gift to all life when more and more awakening souls send out this same message as an energy creating a well-spring that all can tap into!

Just imagine............

Our Wonderful Retreat

Posted on

What a brilliant and joyful way to spend 4 days!

I have just completed a wonderful retreat with 16 amazing ladies of all age groups in the magnificent rain forest at Gymea Eco Retreat.

Surrounded by tall trees, soft clouds moving past mountain tops, birds calling and frogs harmonising, a soothing and healing magnesium swimming pool, nourishing and delicious vegetarian food - truly a sacred time out.

Our days filled with meditation, both silent and guided, yoga with the amazing Jessie Neave, yummy breakfasts, teaching times with Angelique and Ricci-Jane, walking, swimming, resting and having fun, lots and lots of love and respect, joy and peace.

While some chose to avail themselves of the spa facilities others spent a lot of time in the magnesium pool! The deep spiritual energy of unconditional love and Light was healing at the deepest levels. A number of times during the retreat I felt that I was deeply content and immersed in my own sacred nature. Those wonderful moments when you do not need anything at all! Such a blessing.