Angelique Adams


What if????

Posted on 23 November, 2015 at 14:50

Light and unconditional love - the real building blocks of creation. It has taken me a lifetime to really begin to consider the untold power they contain. After all is done, all that will be left is light and unconditional love.

However the real gift for us is to know that this power is accessible all of the time. It seems ridiculous that we rarely recognise this simple truth. We are always running from fearful things, imagined or not. But what if we held our ground now, when fearful things seem to be gaining the upper hand, and we simply choose to radiate light and unconditional love? What if?

What if in this process of merging with the Light of Unconditional Love we discovered our real strengths? And we were able to stop running from fear based imaginings. Maybe, just maybe, we could stand tall and radiate the Light and the Love. And in so doing we become a lighthouse, spreading our joy, sending calm and compassion out into a world becoming increasingly paralysed by fear.

It is really simple, this act of remembering our own divine nature. You just turn your face to the light of all that is and you breathe in deeply. You breathe in the knowledge that you are the Light of All That Is. That through the expression of your life you radiate truth. And that truth is a simple truth. It is beauty, peace, calm, compassion and it is respect for the lovliness of all creation.

Imagine what this might do for your own health and well-being! Seeing yourself as a beautiful creation that was born to radiate that light of unconditional love for all to see. And then imagine the gift to all life when more and more awakening souls send out this same message as an energy creating a well-spring that all can tap into!

Just imagine............

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