Angelique Adams




Undoing the ties that hold us from flying high....

Most of us live our lives by perceiving everything we experience through a set of beliefs formed from our babyhood (and even before).

We overlay our own interpretation of reality into our everyday lives.  Very often this can lead to emotional pain and suffering, self doubt and limitation in what we might be able to achieve. Energy can become restricted and illness can be the consequence.

Most often we don't know what these patterns of belief look like, where we hide them or how they originated. And we are very talented at building onto these beliefs until they colour our experiences.

Let's imagine a life that is free from some of these limiting beliefs. A life filled with 'I can do that' or 'I am safe' or even 'I am lovable'. A life where your fears can be challenged and shown to have no teeth.

This is where an energy psychology process such as tapping comes into its own.

Intuitive Intelligence Tapping combines acupressure (using the meridian system of the of the body) with cognitive therapy and exposure therapy. It incorporates Intention-based Energy Process with the Choices Method. It is a wonderful self-help tool once learned, and a valuable process within a coaching/counseling environment.

Intuitive Intelligence Tapping is a powerful and effective tool to help release emotional trauma and difficult, painful memories. This assists the physical, mental and emotional aspects to come into balance, aiding the healing process. With Tapping we can reduce the amount of stress in our lives.

Although Intuitive Intelligence Tapping is not a substitute for medical or mental health treatment, it does supplement everything else you are doing to support your health and well-being.

Angelique uses Intuitive Intelligence Tapping to help accelerate spiritual awakening, to connect more fully with our sooo amazing soul wisdom and to support people to

move more quickly through their limiting beliefs to live optimised lives.

She is an EFT practitioner and a current student of Energy Psychology with world renowned EFT teacher and researcher, Dr Dawson Church of EFT Universe.

She has also studied TFT (Thought Field Therapy, the forerunner of EFT) as taught by the founder of tapping therapies, Roger Callahan.

Her EFT Universe Levels 1 and 2, plus Advanced Training in Evidence Based EFT, were completed with researcher Dr Peta Stapleton, associate professor of psychology at Bond University.

Angelique continues her education in this amazing field of energy work with Gary Craig. Gary, a student of Roger Callahan, chose to simplify the process of TFT and founded EFT, which he took to the world. He now also teaches Optimal EFT. Optimal EFT is a spiritually based process that is a delight to work with. Check it out here -
 I am a member of The Gary Craig Optimal  EFT Course:

and also with West Australian psychologist, Steve Wells with his Intention Based Energy Process. This combines specific, definite intentions with tapping.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is still considered experimental in nature, although it is gaining in scientific support, it is not yet widely accepted as a formally validated scientific technique. All books, workshops and trainings are intended to promote awareness of the benefits of learning and applying EFT - however the general public must take full responsibility for their use of it. This information is for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for traditional medical attention, counseling, therapy or advice from a qualified health care professional. Neither EFT nor the information here is intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or disorder.
If you have any concern regarding your health or mental state, it is recommended that you seek out advice or treatment from a qualified , licensed health care professional. Before making any dietary changes or discontinuing, reducing or increasing prescription medications, it is recommended that you consult with a doctor, pharmacist or other qualified medical or health professional first.

With more than 30 years of experience as a spiritual guide and leader, Angelique brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to your private session or class situation. She combines EFT with the power of visualisation, meditation and energy alignment. Her spiritual guidance work is intuitive and she brings this into all aspects of her time with you.

Sooo exciting!

Each session takes 75 minutes.

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