Angelique Adams

The Golden Light

For all of the many opportunities I have had to work within the higher vibrations of the spiritual aspect of being, the most direct, the most simple yet powerful, the most nurturing and comforting and the most healing, is without a doubt the Golden Light.

There is no effort needed. Well, yes there is one effort needed. That is the effort that may be required for you to surrender the belief that effort is needed. It simply isn't. And the easiest way for you to know this is to have the experience for yourself. To offer yourself a blissful experience and to luxuriate in it. Just once. Shall we?

Find yourself a space that will be conducive to a quiet experience. Make yourself comfortable. Breathe gently with awareness of the breath. Let your five senses quiet themselves. Be aware of the breathing process.

The Imaginarium

Now let's get creative. Imagine that you have a special place that you can go to at will in order to create. This is your imaginarium. It is unique to you. Let it form in your mind. You love it here. It is a place you can return to at will.

In your very own imaginarium you are free to experience your being without fear, limitation, doubt or pain. This is your magic kingdom and here you are the creator of your experiences. Magical. And you are the magician. You can, and probably will, return here many times after your first experience. You may come to think of this sacred space as your engine room, your laboratory, your most powerful creative resource.

Look around you and feel the loving energy of your imaginarium. Now begins the imagining. As you continue to gently breath, imagine you are infusing the sacred space around you with a fine and delicate golden mist. It is subtle and beautiful and feels soooo nice to be in. You are entranced by the golden light as it becomes more intense in colour and more radiant in energy. You allow yourself to become immersed in golden light. You breathe it in deeply. You feel supported, nurtured, loved, healed and whole. Nothing is missing.

Now, to the best of your ability, let go, surrender every aspect of the miracle you are, into the golden light. Feel the love. Be the love.

This golden light is a glorious gift that supports our lifetime in a human experience. Supports it at every level. All we have to do is surrender to the possibility of the always available love. And surrender to the possibility that it is always there, always was and always will be there.

Bring yourself here, into your all powerful imaginarium, regularly. Start to note the changes as they occur in your life. Every aspect of your life. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual - all of your life. Come here often to create. Create what you want to see in your life. All creation here is based on just one thing. Love. Unconditional love. And, ultimately, it is this energy of creation that will begin to permeate all of you, all of your choices, all of your thoughts, words and deeds. It is a never ending process, this becoming love.

The golden light permeates all aspects of the creation that you are. It is gentle, lovingly supportive and powerfully creative. It brings alignment with your true potential, with your own mighty I Am presence.

It is always there. So, go play in your imaginarium, your sacred creative space. Have the best fun creating a life filled with joy, the joy of discovering your own creative genius within the golden light.